Pat Healey will fire you up about employee retention

You have a sudden job vacancy and wish you had an Employee Retention Plan.

Your Employee Retention Strategies consist of casual Fridays and Wednesday pizzas.

You know your Employee Retention Rate is too scary to calculate.

You want to learn more about Employee Retention Best Practices.

Pat Healey Employee Retention Expert

It couldn’t be easier—just give Pat a call. He doesn’t like middle men, so you’ll be dealing directly with him from the outset. He will happily discuss your needs and how he can help you attract and retain the very best people, as well as how you and your team can be more productive and reach your highest potential.


Pat Healey Employee Retention expert
Pat Healey Employee Retention expertaudiences respond to Pat Healey speaking on employee retention

For Meeting Planners

I am honored and excited to be a part of your special event. Please let me know if there is anything extra I can do to make this day a success. I enjoy getting to know something the attendees ahead of time, and I often find new ways to customize my presentation.

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The Pre-Program Questionnaire will collect all the information we both need for a successful event, so please down load the questionnaire, fill it out and return it to me at least three weeks ahead of the program date. Completing the questionnaire will help me customize my presentation for you. If you have an annual report, recent newsletters or magazines, promotional pieces, etc. that might assist me, send those along too.

Download the questionnaire here:


Please email completed document to at least three weeks ahead of the program date.

Pat Healey travels the country

speaking to groups about

employee attraction and retention.

He also gives intensive workshops

to help small business owners

build the best teams.

Contact Pat Healey today to learn how he can help you. 503-720-5973