Employee Retention Starts With You As An Employer of First Choice

Employee Retention Starts With You As An Employer of First Choice

Are You As Good a Manager as Gregg Popovich?

Gregg Popovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs, won the NBA finals for the sixth time in his career in 2014. His teams won the championship in 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007, but then faced a drought until 2013, when they lost in seven games to the Miami Heat. A rematch of that finals contest begins later this week.

Experts point to several reasons why Popovich is such an excellent coach, notably his mastery of game strategy. His teams have made the playoffs in 17 of his 18 seasons at the helm and he’s received three Coach of the Year awards. But what really sets Popovich apart is his ability to adapt.

“The real beauty of the Spurs lies not in the wins themselves, but in how they are achieved. Popovich’s willingness to adapt to his players, instead of making his players adapt to him, has been the key to the team’s nearly unprecedented success.”

While the Spurs have had the luxury of certain core pieces of the team remaining fairly constant during Popovich’s tenure – most notably, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili – the rest of the cast has fluctuated. Popovich is able to, as Shaquille O’Neal says, “Get guys that are not really NBA stars but make them play at a level to which they look and perform like stars.”

Now think about your staff. You probably have a core set of superstars, who remain consistent year in and year out. What about the rest of your team? Are you helping them to eventually reach that level? Are you considering ways you can adapt?

All businesses reach points in their existence where it becomes necessary, in some ways, to evolve. As a manager or business owner, it’s your responsibility to recognize those situations. Here’s how you can proactively prepare for those changes (it’s also one of the kets to becoming an Employer of First Choice):

  • Maintain Awareness – An engaged leader will recognize shifts as they’re happening. A consistent level of awareness will enable you to prepare for changes to your organization.
  • Implement New Strategies – Your core employees will chug along without guidance. For the rest of your staff, consider alternatives. You may uncover management strategies that allow an employee to flourish.
  • Permeate Selflessness – Yes, it’s your business and you need it to succeed. You also want your staff to reflect your attitudes, values, and beliefs. That starts with you spreading the message that the success of the company is collective.

Can you adapt like Gregg Popovich? Contact Pat Healey today to learn more.

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