For Better Employee Motivation, Stop Stressing!

For Better Employee Motivation, Stop Stressing!

Who’s your Chief Humor Officer?

employee-motivatorsStressed ManagerChade-Meng Tan, author of Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace), is Google’s official Jolly Good Fellow. Believe it or not, that’s his official job title. As he says on his website, his job is to, “enlighten minds, open hearts, [and] create world peace.”

Meng, as he’s more frequently called, guides people through a number of exercises during his lectures, all designed to minimize stress and embrace happiness. His techniques are designed to help people alter their focus. And if a company like Google realizes the impact stress and negative thinking can have on your productivity and happiness, it’s hard to deny there must be something to it. Even the Mayo Clinic believes negativity can have long-term consequences.

Everyone has different strategies for combating stress and converting negativity into positive change. Here are a few that may work for you:

Focus externally – Yes, you experience stress. We all do. You can choose to obsess about it and let it wear you down, or you can choose to focus on other people. By redirecting your attention, you release personal tension and open the door to helping out others.
Be good – ET knew what he was talking about, right? When you’re kind to others, it lifts you up. All those little things that are dragging you down will often float away. As Sophocles said, “Kindness begets kindness evermore.”
Recalibrate Perspective – A simple list can be all it takes for you to see all the good floating around. Take time each day to reflect on the good that happened. A nice comment you made to a co-worker, or a moment of peace while sipping your afternoon coffee. The smile on your spouse’s face when you walked through the door. Simple pleasures compound
Let Go – You choose whether you want to hang on to anger, disappointment, and sadness. Everyone has a right to experience those feelings, but there’s a time when you need to just let go.

Nothing is stopping you from being your own version of Meng’s Jolly Good Fellow. Kick the negative stress to the curb and embrace the positive! Share your ideas here.

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