Great Boss, Or Bad Boss?

Great Boss, Or Bad Boss?

What’s your management style?

Would you say you adhere to a tough love method? Do you believe in the idea proffered by Ilana Yurkiewicz that many bosses think, “harshness creates competence?” Then you might be a jerk.

If you are a jerk, you’re probably ruining your employees. And that’s affecting your business.

Bossing around your staff doesn’t work. In fact, it makes your employees angry, which in turn makes them not want to work hard and succeed. As a result, you limit the opportunities for the discovery of new, innovative ideas. Those new ideas are what help your company develop. Think about it! Why would someone you treat poorly want to grow in a negative environment?

If you’ve historically been a jerk, your employees aren’t going to buy it if you suddenly flip a switch. They’ll likely look at you with suspicion, so you have some work to do. Here are a few simple tips to begin tilting the positive vibes back your way:

Stop Focusing on You – Rather than making your employees feel like they should always concentrate on making you happy, try doing something nice for them. Buy lunch now and again. Offer to take your team on a coffee break. You’re not going to immediately escape suspicion, but you can set the stage for consistent positive behaviors down the road.
Lead Your Team by Example – You know the stories about incompetent generals who run their soldiers out during war, only to watch them slaughtered from up high, safely away from danger. The kicker? They blame defeat on the dead and wounded, not their poor planning and leadership. Find opportunities to lead your staff by example. Again, it won’t happen overnight, but you’ll begin to restore the foundation of respect.
Be Nice – Does it seem like it would be hard to offer a kind word or to try and connect with your staff? It shouldn’t. Remember, your employees choose to work for you. Kindness goes a long way toward building relationships. And solid relationships are more likely to result in success.

Are you trying to figure out ways to change your employees’ perception of you as a jerk? Tell me about them.

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