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Pat Healey Employee Retention expertMy goal, when I began my career as a State Farm Agent in 1977, was to create a business that delivered a remarkable experience for both our customers and my team members. To achieve that, we found that when we created an atmosphere where employees love coming to work, where they have friends, where they feel challenged and supported for their efforts, we were rewarded with customers who never want to leave our agency. employee attraction retention toolsAfter rising to the top of my profession, I was frequently asked to share my secrets to success, which led me to give workshops for other business owners and then start speaking nationally to larger groups who wanted to learn my insights on employee attraction and retention. While these endeavors are enormously satisfying, I realized I could reach even more business owners and managers by writing books and creating a comprehensive course: The Employee Attraction & Retention System. Today my life is full of travel all over this amazing country, where I get to meet fascinating people and make genuine contributions to the success of American businesses. No matter how great your product or service is, the value of your company can always be increased by having a stellar team behind it all—and I’m here to help you achieve that.

Attract and retain employees in 21 days

You’re up to your neck running a small business, and the last thing you have time for is filling a job opening. Still, the work is piling up and you need a warm body in there ASAP. So you cross your fingers and rush the process or delegate it to someone else, then a month or so later you’re in a worse mess because you hired the wrong person. I’m here to tell you there IS a better way.

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