Pat Healey will fire you up about employee retention

Consulting with Pat Healey was the best decision I made to turn my business around.

My team really got fired up during Pat's workshop, and they continue to thrive!

My team and I learned a lot about how to communicate better with each other.

Pat really over-delived on his content; we can't wait to have him again!

People respond to Pat's message

Pat Healey Employee Retention expert

When Pat delieverd his Employee Retention Workshop to our team, he totally over-delivered and customized his material just for us. That made all the difference in our teams’engagement with the concepts. Now we are humming!

Pat Healey really knows his topic, and as a veteran business owner himself, I trust his advice. It has sure worked for us. We’ve been able to keep some great people who otherwise might have moved on.

I’ll be honest, I was expecting another boring, cookie cutter, speech on team building … but you were the exact opposite. Your Team Success Workshop was funny, relevant, and eye opening. You made me think about my role in the company and my team in a whole different way. As a direct result of Pat’s teachings, my employees are happier, I am a better leader, and our company is more successful.

Doug Fish

Ad Agency President

Pat, if you ever need a referral for your Team Success Workshop please give them my name and number. It has changed our lives. I now spend my business time working on the things I’ve confirmed, I really love doing. Maybe even more important, my team now has a greater sense of purpose, clarity and ownership for their own role in the company. They love it!

Chris Dorris & Joe Dorris

Insurance Agency Owners, Birmingham, Alabama

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of human nature until I attended your Workshop. The lessons learned have enriched my professional relationships with co-workers, my boss and the patients I serve every day. Thank you so much!


Debbie Davis

Shriners Hospital for Children, Portland, Oregon

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing impact you had on my team.  I attribute so much of our productivity and the fun we’re having to the work we did with you.  I’m deeply grateful.

Barbara Stanny

Business Owner & Best Selling Author

Pat Healey travels the country

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employee attraction and retention.

He also gives intensive workshops

to help small business owners

build the best teams.

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