You’d Better Make An Employee Retention Plan

You’d Better Make An Employee Retention Plan

Four Tips for Aligning Employee Goals

You’ve got to have an Employee Retention Plan. Would you build an addition to your house without a blueprint? Of course not! Would you embark on a cross country trip without a basic understanding of timelines, finances, and landmarks? Unless you’re a drifter, probably not! Business is no different. No matter what line of work you’re in, without a guide for developing and implementing strategies, your organization will go nowhere.

A key element of your plan is ensuring your employee goals are aligned with the company mission. Buy in from your staff is essential; otherwise your company will be bouncing in countless directions, which leads to inefficiencies. Large organizations may have the resources to invest in software solutions that force employees to get on the same page. For the average small- or medium-sized business owner, however, similar, albeit less complex outcomes, can be realized by following these four basic tips:

use-smart-hiring-practicesHire Smart or Manage Hard – Sure, this might cause you to take a step back, but the fact is your employees aren’t simply interchangeable parts. Each one has defined strengths and skill-sets. If you have the wrong people, make it a priority to find the right ones or managing becomes hard. When you have the right people, and those employees are matched correctly to the role, you can ensure they’re actively achieving the goals you set out. And those individual goals should align with company goals.
Motivate – Employees need to feel committed to organizational goals. As Joel Trammel puts it, you want each person to think like they’re the CEO. But your people aren’t going to embrace this mindset unless you give them reason to do so. Provide feedback and identify the incentives that work best for your staff.  Remember, money is not always an incentive that motivates all team members.
Maintain – If you’ve hired the right people, then you’ll likely have a sense of their capabilities. You need to make sure you don’t overload your employees – putting too much on their plates and setting unrealistic expectations can have a negative result. Your staff will appreciate consistency, which will better enable them to stay aligned with company goals.
Measure – There’s no sense in setting goals if you’re not going to assess progress. Define a system to measure your employee’s success, and then connect that system to your company policies.

Are you successfully aligning your employee goals with your company goals? Let’s hear about it.

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